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The act of recalling memories of a person, particularly one who has passed away is called remembrance. Remembrance is a private affair for some people, while for others it is about expressing their feelings and thoughts with someone. The remembrance column in newspaper is a way for the latter to share their thoughts with other people, pay respect and homage to the deceased and initiate collective recall.

The remembrance ads in newspapers contain text and photographs in memory of the deceased people, including the names of family members and friends who insert the messages.

Following are the reasons as to why you should book your remembrance ads in newspapers:-

  • Sharing memories: Remembrance advertisements in newspapers are a way for the loved ones of the departed to share their memories with others.
  • Paying respect and homage: Through remembrance ads, people can pay homage to the deceased.
  • Reaching out to people: These advertisements help in reaching out to relatives, friends and acquaintances of the departed.
  • Honouring achievements: Remembrance ads honour the achievements made by the deceased people during their lifetime.
  • Wide reach of newspapers: A huge number of people from different walks of life read newspapers across India.

Types of Advertisements Under Which You Can Publish Your Remembrance Advertisement in Newspaper  

1.     Classified Text Advertisements: These ads are known as run-on line ads. They consist of words or characters. One can improve the quality of these ads with the help of our online enhancements such as screen borders, background colors, ticks, etc. Rates are charged on the basis of words, characters or the number of lines used in the composition of the advertisements.

2.     Classified Display Advertisements: While these advertisements come under the classified section, they can also display images, emblems or logos. Our pre-designed templates and other features such as header and footer formatting, uploading images and logos of the company, text formatting, background color selections, etc. help in designing these advertisements. Rates are charged on the basis of per square centimeter of space used by an advertisement in a particular page of a newspaper.

3.     Display Advertisements: These ads are the most elaborate form of newspaper advertising. Display advertisements are also the most creative layout for print ads. You will be able to design the advertisements online, upload your own designs and also make expert advertisers design your ads and upload them in either JPEG/EPS or PDF format. Rates are charged on the basis of per square centimeter of space used in the newspaper.

How to book Remembrance Ads in Newspaper online?




  1. Select newspaper and ad type (text or classified display) then location
  2. Select package, compose ad and check the preview.
  3. Choose publishing date and make payment online to complete booking of ad.



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