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Is buying, selling and renting a property a hard task for you? No need to worry. Advertisements, nowadays, have become an integral part of marketing and online media helps you to get noticed.

Property advertisement in newspaper is required for real estate to let people know about the property they want to sell, buy or lease. When a family needs a house to move-in, they do not go around asking people if they want to sell. What one does is search in the newspaper in the specific section where everything is listed down.

Because of the high demand for real estate, one of the most viewed sections in the classified advertisements is the property section. Following are the reasons as to why you should book your property ads in the newspaper:

·         Helps in Discovery:  Property advertisements in newspaper allow people to find the most appropriate property as per their requirements or find the most suitable buyer for their property.

·         Helps to showcase the property:  Property advertisement in newspaper helps to showcase the property to a multitude of people that leads to interested buyers searching and finding a property that satisfies their requirements in the classified sections.

·         Creates wider accessibility:  Property advertisement in newspaper also helps those people who are not familiar with the internet by allowing them to look for potential buyers and sellers of property, since newspapers are widely read by the people across India in different languages.

·         Provides information:  Property ads in newspaper provide information about the property to be bought or sold such as location, size, number of rooms, floor area, other utilities available, etc.

·         Local Targeting:  Since properties are location-specific, property ads in newspaper allow for location based targeting. Advertise your property in area-specific newspapers in a hassle-free manner in order to make your targeting more reliable and accurate.


Types of Advertisements Under Which You Can Publish Your Property Advertisement in Newspaper  

1.     Classified Text Advertisements: These ads are known as run-on line ads. They consist of words or characters. One can improve the quality of these ads with the help of our online enhancements such as screen borders, background colors, ticks, etc. Rates are charged on the basis of words, characters or the number of lines used in the composition of the advertisements.

2.     Classified Display Advertisements: While these advertisements come under the classified section, they can also display images, emblems or logos. Our pre-designed templates and other features such as header and footer formatting, uploading images and logos of the company, text formatting, background color selections, etc. help in designing these advertisements. Rates are charged on the basis of per square centimeter of space used by an advertisement in a particular page of a newspaper.

3.     Display Advertisements: These ads are the most elaborate form of newspaper advertising. Display advertisements are also the most creative layout for print ads. You will be able to design the advertisements online, upload your own designs and also make expert advertisers design your ads and upload them in either JPEG/EPS or PDF format. Rates are charged on the basis of per square centimeter of space used in the newspaper.

How to Book Property Advertisement in Newspaper Online?

a)      For the list in which you want to advertise, select City.

b)      Choose the Newspaper on the basis of  higher circulation in that city.

c)      After that, from the rate list, select Special package rate or Individual edition rate. Then, click on book now.

d)      From the Calendar, select Date. Property advertisement in newspaper has more response on Saturday and Sunday.

e)      Use Ad Samples to compose your advertisement and give important property details.

f)       In the end, make payment through Credit or Debit card, Internet Banking or choose offline payment mode to deposit the amount in our bank account. offer hassle free and instant online booking of property advertisement in newspaperacross India!!!

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