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A name change is often required and sometimes even becomes unavoidable for many reasons such as astrology, religious conversions, after-marriage name change, divorce, etc. It is necessary to have your name government approved in India and also to make people aware of your new identity.

Hence, name change advertisements in newspapers are really important. For example, a lot of people place a name change ad in newspaper for passport. Newspapers are considered to be the best and the most trusted mode of mass communication for conveying important messages to the public. Therefore, name change ads in newspapers are a preferable medium to display your new identity to a multitude of people. By changing name you are not changing your whole identity. It only means that you are letting people know that you have a new name for them to call you by, while remaining the same person. It is certainly not difficult to announce a new name to the world with the newspapers there for you to do so. Also, there are companies who will help you to book your name change ad in newspaper. One such company is, where you will find experts assisting people in need of making name change ads in various newspapers. It all depends on what budget you have and the vastness of reach needed. will also help you to book your name change ad in newspaper within a short period of time. You can access our website at any point of time since we work 24x7. We also aid people to book name change advertisement for passport reasons. It is indeed meant for women before and after their marriage. Since we have a diverse range of newspapers in our kitty, it becomes easy for the ad givers to select the newspaper according to the advertisement charges. Our experts help people in offering valuable information about which newspaper has what kind of reach and how many people would check their advertisements. We also design and book name change advertisement for birth certificates since it will notify people about the person whose name has been changed. You will also be able to book an ad instantly with our nominal rates.


Reasons why people opt for name change ad in newspaper:

Note: Affidavit is compulsory for name change ads in every newspaper in India.

  • Spelling mistakes in old names: A Mistake in your name can cause you trouble in matters of ancestor's will or cheque issued by a family member or any other person for a large amount since valid id proof is required. Therefore, the legal documents can help you in such cases.
  • After marriage: Name change after marriage is needed for various important reasons such as processing of Indian passport, including name in ration card, bank account operations, matching of ration card's address with other various id proofs, etc.
  • In case of re-marriage after divorce: It is necessary to change the surname to match with the new surname legally, in case of remarriage after divorce.
  • In case of adoption: Name change legal documents are required to admit an adopted child in school and also to prove his legal succession in family property.
  • In case of religion change: Legal documents are also necessary in case of inter religion marriages in order to easily make bank transactions or changesin passport.
  • Due to numerology or astrology: Sometimes people change their names to achieve stardom, have good health and earn wealth and therefore legal documents are required to sign all contracts with that name.

We have a team of experts to help and guide you in the process of name change ad in newspaper.

Important Steps Included in Name Change Process

Step 1- Affidavit

You should go to a Notary to make an affidavit regarding your name change and mention why you want to change your name. They could be:


  1. Spelling mistake in old name.
  2. Change of name after marriage.
  3. Change of name because of marriage.
  4. Change of name after divorce.
  5. Change of name/middle name/surname.
  6. Change of name for minors in school or college.
  7. Name change for ration card.
  8. Name change in Aadhar card.
  9. Name change in pan card.
  10. Name change for banks.
  11. Name change for LIC.
  12. Change of name for numerological or astrological reason.


Step 2- Newspaper Publication

You must publish the announcement for name change in two newspapers- one local and one national newspaper. Make sure to keep the copies for future use since it is a life time issue. To make it more accessible, it is better to keep the copies in digital form in your mail or hard disk.


Step 3- Gazette Notification

Follow the steps below to get your name published in the official gazette of your state:

  • You should visit your local Government Press or the department that mobilizes Gazette notification.
  • You must then get the two copies of "Deed Changing Surname Form". (Fill the form by following the instructions that are given.)

Step 4- Verification
Send the following documents to the Secretary, Department of Commerce and Transport:

a) Letter to the secretary, in which you request him to allow you to change your name.
b) Two true copies of the newspaper containing your name change statement which you published.
c) The "Deed Changing Surname Form".
d) A print out of the statement in plain paper that you have to publish in your official gazette in order to change your name. (Generally same as your newspaper statement). A copy of your current id proof such as PAN card, Voter's identity card, birth certificate, etc.
e) An attested copy of the name change affidavit.
Note: Make sure to keep copies of all documents in hard copy and digital form for future use.

Step 5- Publishing in Government Press/Gazette

a) You must make a few copies of the reply letter and then again visit the Government Press or the department that mobilizes Gazette Notification and follow the instructions provided below.
b) Show them the reply letter which they will match with the order that they have received from the Secretariat (of your state). After that, deposit the amount needed for the publication. The amount depends on the type of publication you want to go to (General and Extraordinary). You can receive the copies of the publication within a week or two, if you choose the extraordinary one.


How to Book Name Change ad in Newspaper online?


Name Change Classified Text Ads: Text ads are also known as run on line (ROL). These are the simplest form of advertising in the name change section. One can improve the quality of the name change advertisement by using screen border, background color and bold fonts. Rates are charged based on number of words and the number of lines used.

Name Change Classified Display Ads: Classified display is more visually appealing and therefore grabs the most attention. Rates are charged on the basis of per square centimeter.

Following are the steps to book name change ad in newspaper online:


  1. First select newspaper and ad type (text or classified display) and then select location.
  2. After that, select package, compose ad and then check the preview.
  3. Choose the publication date and finally, make payment online to complete your ad booking. offer hassle free and instant online booking of name change ad in newspaper across India!!!

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