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One of the most popular advertising categories is the section called Matrimonial Advertisement. There are two types of Matrimonial Advertisement in the newspaper: Wanted groom section under which the families of the grooms-to-be advertise and Wanted bride section under which the families of the bride-to-be advertise. The Matrimonial Advertisement is further categorized on the basis of certain preferences such as profession, language, physical attributes and so on. Such categorizations are made to make it easy for the people to get only the most relevant and apt invitation responses.

The matrimonial process, even today, is a domain of parents and relatives because of cultural reasons.

The matrimonial process starts with the families and relatives of the prospective bride and groom posting the details of their eligibility either on the matrimonial sections of newspapers and magazines or on matrimonial websites. The prospective bride and groom are also matched based on their photographs, educational qualifications and job details. In some cases, the matrimonial alliance of the bride and groom happens after matching their horoscopes to determine the astrological compatibility. After that, the respective families of the bride and groom physically meet and set the date for their eventual marriage leading to the great Indian wedding attended by extended family and friends.

People advertise on Matrimonial Advertisements in newspapers because they generate genuine responses from prospective brides and grooms. This is the reason why millions of matrimonial advertisements are published in Sunday Newspaper. Whenever people want to look for a bride or groom, they always check the Matrimonial Advertisements in newspapers.

How To Post Matrimonial Advertisement Online For Newspaper

Every Sunday, matrimonial classified advertisements are published in most of the newspapers. Due to many advertisement bookings, a special feature is taken out for matrimonial advertisement in most of the newspapers. One can book a matrimonial advertisement in the newspaper through our online booking process in a very simple way. Just follow a few easy steps to book your advertisement online.

Matrimonial Classified Text Advertisements: Text ads are also known as run on line (ROL). These are the simplest form of advertising in the matrimonial section. One can improve the quality of the matrimonial advertisement by using screen border, background color and bold fonts.Rates are charged based on number of words and the number of lines used.

Matrimonial Classified Display Advertisements: These are more visually appealing and therefore grab the most attention. Rates are charged on the basis of per square centimeter.

How To Book a Matrimonial Advertisement in Newspaper Online?

To book Matrimonial Advertisement in newspapers online, one has to follow the given procedure at


  • From the list, click on city to advertise in Newspaper.
  • From the list of Newspapers for selected city, choose Newspaper.
  • Then select Date of Publication for Matrimonial Advertisement from calendar.
  • Use Ad Samples to draft your Matrimonial Advertisement in Compose Page. After that, choose subheading Wanted Bride or Wanted Groom for your drafted advertisement.
  • Finally, after reviewing your advertisement booking, Make Payment through Credit/Debit card or other options.
  • After the payment is successfully made, you will receive Ad Booking Confirming with an invoice. After post editorial approval, your Matrimonial Advertisement will be published in the newspaper.

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